Texas Ring

An action packed, social pool game, designed for maximum fun, shot making, and creativity

No boredom allowed

General Rules

  • 15-ball rotation (lowest number must be contacted first, as in 9-ball Texas Express)
  • BCA rules (fouls, general play, etc)


  • 2 or more players draw balls from a pocket for order of play
  • Player who won the previous game or drew the lowest ball racks the balls and breaks
  • 1 in front, 2 and 3 on the corners, 15 in the center with the 5 and 10 behind the 15


  • Push option is available anytime a player comes to the table (first shot only)
  • 1 chip for pocketing the 5, 10 and 15 (not required to call pocket)
  • 3 chips - 15 ball on the break, 15 ball combination or carom (not required to call)
  • 15 ball pocketed is end of game. Winner racks and breaks
  • 2 chips for bank of 2 or more rails (call pocket)
  • 1 chip for jump shot (call pocket, must be partially hooked on lowest ball)
  • 1 chip for kick shot (call pocket)
  • 2 chips for kick bank of 1 or more rails (call pocket)


  • Foul or scratch is ball in hand anywhere on the table
  • Pocketing the 5, 10 or 15 on a push is a 1 chip penalty to each player
  • Moving 2 or more balls with body and/or stroke, offender pays a 1 chip penalty to each player
  • No chips to be earned on foul
  • No balls will be spotted, except if the 5, 10, or 15 lands off the table
  • After the break the player has the option to push (as in 9-ball)

Other Rules and Clarifications

  • It is kind to tip the chip banker
  • Banks of 2 or more only require a called pocket. The number of rails is not called or required to be clean as in bank pool
  • Example: Player intends to bank 3 rails but makes it 5 rails in the called pocket. 2 chips won
  • If the 15 is pocketed as the last ball and foul occurs, the next player in the order is the winner of the game
  • Slopped balls count and continues a player's turn
  • With heads up, only 2 players, safety play is allowed
  • No purely defensive shots are allowed with 3 or more players, honest effort must be made to pocket a ball
  • 2 way shots are allowed
  • If a new player joins the ring game, player order is redrawn, with previous game winner as breaker (to prevent strategic timing of entering the game)
  • If no new players joined in the last 3 games, then at the top of the hour, play out the last game, redraw order (last winner keeps the break)
  • Rail first does not count as a kick shot, must be a non-adjacent rail
  • Rules are designed for coin operated tables as well (why there are no spotted balls)


  • Recommended to have movable nameplate board (ie velco) or marker board to maintain order for ease of play and order shuffling
  • 10 dollar minimum buy in
  • Players with FargoRates 100 or less than than the highest rated player earn 2 chips by pocketing the 5/10/15 instead of 1. Example: The highest player is 640. 540 and below get a slight advantage
  • Rationale: 100 point difference is double the skill level in FargoRate. Encourage lower rated player participation by giving them slightly better odds